Kellie Lyon

Business Operations Coordinator

Kellie is from the small potato farming community of Shelley, Idaho, moving to Utah to pursue her education. She was hired by DDI Vantage in 2005 as a 10 hour a week clerk/typist for the business office, and enjoyed being trained as back-up on as many duties as she could. It was during these first few years that she developed her passion for DDI as she realized that she was now employed by an agency that doesn’t just make widgets, but makes an impact in the lives of children and families with special needs. Through hard work and a willingness to learn every aspect of the department, upon the retirement of the department head in 2012, she accepted the position of Business Operations Coordinator. She has been married for 38 years and has three children plus the three they married which she considers her own. Her most favorite title in the world is that of Mimi to her eight grandchildren. Kellie loves spending time with her family, serving in her church, and trying new things. She is a strong advocate for DDI Vantage and enjoys sharing her “Why” with anyone who will listen. She prides herself on the strength of her team and their ability to hum in the background of DDI, and she is never nervous on the day of any audit because of the strength of her department.