Jennifer Kelsey

Executive Director

Jen began working at DDI Vantage in 1995. Prior to that she worked in the Salt Lake City School District as she earned her M.Ed. from the University of Utah. Many of her years at DDI Vantage have been with the Early Intervention Program, where she started as a Special Educator. She also held positions of DDI Vantage Early Intervention Site Facilitator, Compliance Coordinator and Program Coordinator. In 2015, Jen was hired as the Executive Director for DDI Vantage. She is civic minded, focusing on management and growth of DDI Vantage. She strives to create results that are in line with the current mission, vision, and values of our organization. Jen is married and a mother of two, makes time to volunteer in her community, loves traveling, and spends far too much iPhone space with photos of her dog.